Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The vampire diaries Tv Shows

You guys will have to forgive me since I am starting this so late, but I really want to comment on the episodes of The Vampire Diaries and also answer any questions that you might have about the show, book, what’s this this and that kind of stuff. So comment, ask, and even rant, I’m here and ready to listen or answer to any questions or comments that you might be having about the show or book.
The vampire diaries Tv Shows descripcion:-
Again since I am starting this super late in the series I’m going to starton the latest episode # 13. This episode probably has one of the best clifh hangers in the show so far because you have Damon mad at Elena for breaking his trust in her, I mean all the people around him don’t trust him and he feels the same way about them… so I mean its got to be painful for him to see another person just betray him like that, exspeicaly since she has the same face as Katherine. This also leds me to believe that one of the main reason that he want the tomb open to get Katerine out is so that he will have someone who he can trust in. I don’t really know that is just an opinion on my part.
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