Friday, January 18, 2013

Pitch Perfect 2012 movie watch online

Pitch Perfect 2012 Story Line:- 
Pitch Perfect 2012 is a very nice movie.A comedy set in the middle of a war between rival a cappella groups and centered on a rebellious girl who joins one of the groups as an escape from her unhappy life at school.Beca (Anna Kendrick) is that girl who'd rather listen to what's coming out of her headphones than what's coming out of you. Arriving at her new college, she finds herself not right for any clique but somehow is muscled into one that she never would have picked on her own: alongside mean girls, sweet girls and weird girls whose only thing in common is how good they sound when they sing together, in the new out-loud comedy Pitch Perfect.
Pitch Perfect 2012 Movie Info:- 
Release date: 5 October 2012 
Countries: USA 
Stars: Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson 
Genres: Comedy, Music 
Run time: 112 min

The Dark Knight Rises 2012 watch online

The Dark Knight Rises 2012 Story Line:- 
The Dark Knight Rises 2012 is a nice movie.Despite his tarnished reputation after the events of The Dark Knight, in which he took the rap for Dent's crimes, Batman feels compelled to intervene to assist the city and its police force which is struggling to cope with Bane's plans to destroy the city.Tom Hardy is technically the fifth actor to play Bane in a feature film. In Batman & Robin, Michael Reid MacKay played serial killer Antonio Diego, who is selected for the "Venom" experiment and is transformed into Bane, who is then played by wrestler Jeep Swenson. The remaining two actors voiced Bane in two Dc Animated direct-to-video films, and they were Hector Elizondo in Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman and Carlos Alazraqui in Justice League: Doom.Leading an all-star international cast, Oscar winner Christian Bale ("The Fighter") again plays the dual role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. The film also stars Anne Hathaway, as Selina Kyle; Tom Hardy.
The Dark Knight Rises 2012 Movie Info:- 
Release date: 20 July 2012 
Countries: USA, UK 
Stars: Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Gary Oldman 
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama
Thriller Run time: 165 min.

The last stand 2013 movie watch online

The Last Stand 2013 Story Line:-
The Last Stand 2013 is a nice movie.Sheriff Owens is a guy who has resigned himself to a life of fighting what did you say? Miniature crime takes place in the sphere of heavy-eyed border town Sommerton Junction in the same way as leaving his LAPD advertise following a bungled surgery with the aim of gone him wracked with failure and defeat in the same way as his partner was crippled. In the same way as a spectacular break out from an FBI prisoner fleet, the nearly everyone notorious, wanted drug linchpin in the sphere of the hemisphere is hurtling on the subject of the border by the side of 200 mph in the sphere of a expressly outfitted car with a jailbird and a fierce army of gang members. He is headed, it turns passй, straight used for Summerton Junction, someplace the in one piece of U.S. Law enforcement choice take part in their survive opportunity to put together a post and intercept him earlier he slips across the border forever.
The Last Stand 2013 Movie Info:-
Release date: 18 January 2013
Countries: USA
Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eduardo Noriega, Forest Whitaker
Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller
Run time: 107 min